He Aha? Why ?

I’m a seeker, a bit of a wanderer … I study people, I try to understand them at their core and the experiences that have shaped them into who they are.

For the past 15 years of my journey I have been a teacher, laser and skin specialist, make up artist, dumping ground, friend and confidant working all the hours sent my way and I’m stoked that I’ve met and worked with some freak shows in my travels around the Middle East, South East Asia, the Islands, India, Australia and New Zealand.

The main reason I have been successful is my open nature, my willingness to share my own personal stories with clients and strangers enabling them in return to empathise and share their world with me. It’s been a ride and the people I have met along the way all inspire me to a better understanding of what true beauty, health and happiness is.

The one thing that astounds me the most, is knowing that every single person you or I will ever meet, longs to feel beautiful, appreciated, vital and positive about themselves and their life and yet sadly, the majority of us are all exhausted, cranky and self medicating ourselves with either food, alcohol, drugs, shtty relationships and/or prescription medications.

We all seem to be fatigued mentally, physically and spiritually.

I think we’re all guilty of giving our energy to the wrong people and sadly the majority of our energy is focused into our careers. I can’t tell you how many ill, emotionally bankrupt and physically exhausted people I know. It’s great to work hard and have goals, its brilliant to earn more money. That’s all good if there is work-life-balance but in my experience the work-life-balance is becoming more and more one-sided. Work. Job. Career.

Health. Happiness. Movement. Rest, slumps behind, given a lowly fourth and fifth place of importance in our lives.

So for the past year (2013) I have been actively seeking remedies and positive lifestyle choices. I’ve sought out fit, happy, balanced individuals and families who have made job / careers fit in and work around their needs and I’m liking what I see. It’s still tough and there aren’t enough hours in the day for all concerned but it’s seems a healthier balance nonetheless.I was forced through work induced stress and illness into seeking change and was made to put into practice everything I had known but not practised for years.

Nga mihi, Welcome, Talofa lava, Namaste, Kia orana.

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