Organic Rose + Manuka Floral Water, a simple effective product with oh so many uses!

4 Ways Organic Rose + Manuka Water Benefits the Scalp & Hair

  • DEFEND against dandruff: In reducing oil production, rosewater works to prevent dandruff formation on the scalp. Target scalp oiliness to stop dandruff, as it is a by-product of oil overproduction.

  • SOOTHING Anti-inflammatory agents: Rosewater has natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritation on the scalp. This elixir can especially benefit those with eczema or psoriasis of the scalp.

  • BOOST frizz-fighting moisturiser: Rosewater can provide hydration to dry and curly hair. Friese shares that people with curly hair often use rose water to fight frizz and increase shine.

  • PREVENT hair loss: A healthy scalp environment is key to preventing non-hormone-related hair growth and loss issues. The anti-inflammatory properties of rosewater can help promote a healthy scalp environment and reduce hair loss.

8 More Ways to Incorporate Organic Rose + Manuka Water Into Your Beauty Routine

  • Boost Your Bath

  • Balance Skin pH

  • Hydrate Your Skin

  • Soothe Razor Burn

  • Refresh Your Hair

  • Reduce Skin Redness

  • Refresh Your Makeup

  • Boost Your Sheet Mask

  • Use As a Toner