The Beauty of Organic Skincare

The beauty of organic skincare is that no fertilisers or pesticides are used to grow any of the plants used, meaning the plants and ingredients receive their balanced nutrition from the soil provided. Market gardening and farming have always been a beautiful blend of experiential knowledge, practicality and science. New Zealand soils for example have been deficient in selenium and magnesium for a couple of decades due to the pressure placed on fields. The need to meet consumer demands and to financial has taken precedence over the traditional practice of leaving fields fallow to allow the soil to recover and rebalance its nutrients, to break disease and pest cycles. The practice of leaving fields fallow meant that the following crops were much more vibrant, nutritious and healthy. This traditional practice is how organic growers develop their crops. It’s a much slower process that takes a broader view of the collective planet and all of its inhabitants, a process that is playing the long game.