Ritual Float Bath Salts with Magnesium
  • Ritual Float Bath Salts with Magnesium



    The Ritual Soak Bath Salts offers 4 different salts, liquid magnesium  & magnesium flakes to encourage deep relaxation.

    This soak is highly beneficial to anyone with restless leg syndrome or anyone that suffers from nervous physical tension.


    This product is made fresh when ordered, please allow 1 -2 working days until shipment.

    All ingredients are listed on the pack.

    Please be aware: Magnesium and Salt products in the bath salts and foot scrub can irritate and even sting the skin if any cuts or abrasions are present. When soaking in the bath salts don't touch your eyes or have a clean wet cloth handy to dab the salt from your eyes.

    PriceFrom $15.00