Image by Sapan Patel

The Origin

My wellness journey began a decade ago after exhaustion and adrenal fatigue forced me to make some changes in my life that were long overdue. I have worked in the Beauty & Wellness Industry for 20 years in New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East &  Asia Pacific. Returning home allowed me the chance to reconnect to Spirit, *Papatūānuku and my Ngapuhi Ngāti Korokoro and Te Roroa lineage, important facets of my life I had been disconnected from. In pandemic riddled 2019, Wild Alchemy was born from a desire to create beauty through quiet simple rituals like lighting a candle, enjoying dirt on my hands from the garden and walking the dogs. 

*Papatūānuku - in Māori worldview, the land gives birth to all things, including humankind, and provides the physical and spiritual basis for life. She is the powerful mother earth figure who blesses her children daily with her untamed beauty.

Sandra Moetara