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Candles & Botanicals

Handcrafted, unique, small batch pure coconut wax candles & botanical skincare using ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients. Made in New Zealand.

  • Coconut wax is 100% organic and natural.

  • Is unscented.

  • Is sourced from sustainable and renewable crops.

  • Does not leave frosting or bloom on your jars or black soot.

  • It gives off an amazing fragrant scent hot and cold.

  • Burns longer and slower than soy wax.

  • It’s eco and vegan friendly.

I use 100% pure coconut wax in all my candles, meaning it is not blended with soy or any other kind of wax. Coconut wax is a softer wax than others on the market and burns ‘translucent’ so looks more like melted white butter when starting to melt - this is normal! It can be uneven on the top surface but this does not affect the integrity of the candle in any way - and is an identifiable way to recognise pure organic coconut wax.

Image by Mathieu Perrier

Botanicals for Hair, Nails & Body

Hero's Journey Candle Collection

Made using crystal and organic essential oil correspondences.

Essential Oils are certified Natural, Plant Based, Organic, Fair Trade and Cruelty Free

Veiled Vestal
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The Lovers
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The Oasis
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The Sun
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Sensory Inspiration for Candle Collections

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